Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The Department of Basic Medical Sciences (DCMB) participates in an important part of teaching in the three 1st and 2nd cycle courses taught at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Medicine, Physiotherapy and Human Nutrition and Dietetics) and also in teachings (Nursing, Labor Relations, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Enology) from other centers. In all these teachings, the subjects taught by DCMB teachers provide the basic foundations on which the professional skills of future graduates are subsequently developed. He also participates in official Masters and doctoral programs, some of them interdepartmental and interuniversity. The internal structure of the DCMB includes 12 functional units assimilated in most cases to areas of knowledge and two specific committees. DCMB researchers are part of consolidated research groups and their scientific production is one of the URV's most outstanding in quantity and quality. Many of the research groups maintain fruitful collaborations with research centers in other countries. The ability of DCMB members to raise funds for research of public and private origin is considerable. The advanced training capacity is translated in the considerable number of doctoral theses that are presented. All DCMB laboratories and services are committed to quality and have decided to incorporate the ISO 2000 standard as the basis for their operation. Some of these laboratories are in an advanced phase of implementation of this regulation and the others will be added in the future. The DCMB has a staff of teaching and research support personnel. These staff manage the stables of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences that is approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia and provides services to researchers of their own and those outside the URV.

Dr. Francesc Xavier Sureda Batlle